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GLOBE Observer App Status

28 August 2021: Planned Network Upgrade

NASA Langley Research Center will have a center-wide network update occurring on August 28 from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm EDT. During this time, satellite overpass schedules will be unavailable.


23 August 2021: Satellite Matching Issues

NASA GLOBE Clouds is experiencing issues with geostationary (GEO) satellite matching, beginning on 20 August, and which is impacting the satellite match emails being sent. This page will be updated when the problem is resolved.


10 August 2021: Update via the App

This update (11.4 MB) will set a notification for how to opt-in to GLOBE Observer News, remove the legacy screen for air temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity from the Clouds tool (now available to trained and verified GLOBE Members via Atmosphere Data Entry in the app), and improve troubleshooting capabilities when data submission errors occur.


05 August 2021: Planned Server Outage - Satellite Matching

Scheduled server downtime to add disk drives to the system and expand storage space. The outage is expected to last from 9:00 – 3:00 EDT on 05 August. During this time, satellite overpass times will not be available and satellite match emails will not be sent. The backlog of satellite matches and emails is expected to be cleared on 06 August. 


30 July 2021: Update via the App

This update (15.1 MB) fixes a few bugs related to the app update from earlier in July and makes some primarily text changes in the Mosquito Habitat Mapper tool.


12 July 2021: Update via the App

Items in this update (32.9 MB):

  • A more visual key for the Mosquito Habitat Mapper tool
  • Ability to connect the GLOBE Observer app to a SciStarter account and have GLOBE data submissions appear in your SciStarter dashboard
  • For full GLOBE Members (and eTrained members in the U.S.), an Atmosphere Data Entry button will appear allowing data entry for aerosols, air temperature, barometric pressure, precipitation, relative humidity, surface temperature, water vapor, and wind in addition to the four GLOBE Observer tools.

Read more details in the news article about the update.


25 March 2021: Website Downtime - System Maintenance

The GLOBE and GLOBE Observer websites and data entry submission will be unavailable on March 25 due to system maintenance. Please record your data as usual, but you will not be able to send data on March 25. All functionality should be returned by March 26th.


15 January 2021: Update via the App

Items in this update (31 MB):

  • Improvements in handling longer/translated text, especially in the Clouds Wizard
  • Updates to Croatian translation
  • Improved ability to take pictures in the Trees app when foreign language characters and text are present in the overlay
  • Adding location accuracy to the data sent with Mosquito Habitat Mapper


07 December 2020: App Update for Eclipse Tool

An update to add the Eclipse tool to the app was released in preparation for the total solar eclipse that will pass across South America on 14 December 2020. The visibility of the tool will be geofenced to the general region of the eclipse, and will only be visible to users in the box bounded by latitude -70 to 3 and longitude -100 to -25. More information about eclipse observations can be found on the webpage for the Eclipse tool.


04 December 2020: Matching to Aqua and Terra Satellites Unavailable

Matching of clouds observations to Aqua and Terra satellite data stopped on 04 December, and the issue is being worked on by our team. Matching to geostationary (GEO) satellites is still available.


12 November - 16 November, 2020: GLOBE Website Upgrade/Data Submission Unavailable

The GLOBE website is getting an upgrade, and during the transition period, sign in to the site will be turned off and YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ADD DATA.
For the GLOBE Observer app, users will not be able to submit data within the app; however, users will still be able to make and store observations on the app to be uploaded to the site at a later time (after the upgrade is complete).


14 August 2020: Satellite Overpass Outage

From 5:00 pm EDT (21:00 UTC) to 10:00 EDT (02:00 UTC on August 15), the satellite overpass tool will not be available due to a planned network upgrade in the building where the system is location.


15 May 2020: Update via the app

A minor update with changes that include information in satellite overpass notifications about when the location was last set, and updates to the satellite match parameters for a ground observation.


16 April 2020: Update via the app

This update (36.7 MB) includes the new Clouds Wizard, as well as a handful of minor features and bug fixes including:

  • A loading bar during app updates to track progress
  • Information on the loading screen which reminds users they can make measurements offline
  • Modifications to contrails reporting to support the difference between "zero contrails" and "no contrails measured"
  • User ID added to the settings page
  • Observation counts for Mosquito Habitat Mapper are modified to count only on submission of data


30 March, 2020: Satellite Matching Unavailable

Due to a systems issue on March 28th, satellite matching is not available and the subsequent match emails are not being sent. The outage is expected to last for several days while systems are restored. Once the systems come back online, the backlog of clouds observations taken during the downtime will be matched and emails sent out. Satellite overpass predictions were also affected, but that service has already been restored. UPDATE: System was restored on April 1st, and all pending match emails are expected to be sent by April 3rd.


21 February 2020: Update via the app

This update (17.8 MB) fixes an issue where the observation count for Clouds and Mosquito Habitat Mapper was no longer appearing on the landing screen for those tools, fixes an issue with the photo plugin that was causing issues on Android devices, and updates the social media links to point to the GLOBE Program accounts.


05 February 2020: Update via the app

This update (19 MB) revises the way data is submitted to GLOBE which will improve performance for users sending multiple observations. A second change will report the number of user mosquito observations from the GLOBE server rather than reading it from the user's device. This will more accurately reflect the total number of measurements made for users who have measurements across multiple devices. There are also minor bug fixes and text changes primarily focused on improving error messages and information for users.


28 January 2020: Brief interruption of satellite overpass information

Starting at about 2:30 pm EST, there will be a brief period during which satellite overpass information will not be available in the app. This should last no more than 30 minutes.


13 December 2019: Update via the app with minor fixes

This release includes 12 minor fixes and changes. Key items:

  • Change the data submission process. Currently the system sends all measurements (text) data followed by all photos. This is changing to send photos immediately after each measurement. This will improve the ability to send data to GLOBE - if a connection drops in the middle of sending data, the system will continue from the last sent data point instead of restarting and sending all data again.
  • Adding a "Try anyway" button for users who would like to try the automated direction photo taking (as used in clouds and land cover) even if our software does not think there is a magnetometer on the phone.  This will help a subset of people whose phones provide alternative ways to get directional information.
  • Additional minor changes include removing Google Plus from the list of share options, changing text on some buttons to provide clearer directions and better offline support for counting submissions.


12 December - 20 December, 2019: Satellite match emails and overpass times unavailable

Because of building and server maintenance, satellite overpass times and satellite match emails will not be available December 12-20, 2019. The app will store two weeks of satellite overpasses. You can prepare for the outage by doing the following:

  1. Open the app between December 6 and 11 
  2. Open Clouds
  3. Select "Check Satellite Flyovers"

Satellite matches made during the outage period will be sent once the servers are back online. 


11 October 2019: Version 3.0 in the App Store and Google Play

This version includes updates for key elements of the app including the camera controller, and improved error handling for devices which do not have a magnetometer.


11 October 2019: Latitude and longitude data

Effective September 15, 2019, the site location as defined by the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and the true latitude and longitude of an observation made with the NASA GLOBE Observer mobile app are both returned by the GLOBE Advanced Data Access Tool (ADAT),GLOBE Visualization System (Vis), and GLOBE Application Programming Interface (API) in the downloaded dataset. GLOBE Observer data are impacted (i.e., observations made with the Observer app). Full details are available under User Guide Updates.


20 September 2019: Update via the app

A fairly substantial app update was released (19.5 MB). Many of the changes were behind the scenes and not apparent to users, such as a major rewrite of large sections of the code to bring it up to date. More noticeable changes to users include:

  • Improved compass accuracy for users who previously experienced compass offsets (the compass in the app not indicating the correct direction).
  • Simplified surface conditions input – users will be able to use previously entered surface condition values (standing water, leaves on trees, etc.) if a second measurement is near (15 minutes and 100m) a previous measurement.
  • Improved error handling for users who do not have a compass/magnetometer in their phone.
  • Improved error handling for users who are offline.
  • Improved consistency in how each tool in the app handles the data submission and review process
  • Additional translations for Dutch and Thai.
  • Removed the button for the temporary Eclipse tool.


App Status Sidebar

This page lists brief information about changes, updates, and currently know issues related to the GLOBE Observer app and data. For full details about recent data issues specifically, visit the Data User Guide page and look under User Guide Updates. If you have further questions, please contact us.